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01-20-2005, 16:41
General questions about how people package their food on the trail - esp. people who aren't doing maildrops and are buying along the way.

Many things come in sized unrealistic to cary (spices, olive oil etc) and in inconvenient containers. How do people people take these things with them on the trail without a lot of waste. I have a selection of the little Nalgene bottles of various sizes that normally I just fill from things at home. How have people done this on the trail?

How much do people repackage stuff from original to ziplocks? What sort of stuff gets repackaged and what stays in it's orgininal? I'm assuming that things like Lipton noodle packets can stay in their own things, but a box of angel hair pasta should (or maybe shouldn't?) come out of the box.

Thoughts? Experience? I'd love to hear ya!

01-20-2005, 16:56
General questions about how people package their food on the trail - esp. people who aren't doing maildrops and are buying along the way.
Anything that came in a large bottle/container or was more than I needed I always tried to go in with another hiker. Worst case scenario, I'd buy what I needed/wanted and then just give the excess away. I also carried a couple small plastic screw top containers for liquids and spices. Suggest you use the threaded topped ones.

I only had 3 maildrops and bought the rest as I went. I repackaged everything that came in a box. Used the freezer strength zip locs. Used to group ingredients for my dinners together in one bag. Easier to spot and pull out of my food bag.

I carried a separate "snack" bag that I used for my candybars, peanuts and such. Kept it outside my food bag and readily available during the day.

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01-21-2005, 21:54
I for one, mainly did without. I didn't carry spices, olive oil, and such. Never missed them either.

01-22-2005, 02:30
I actually didn't carry too much small stuff, either. Olive oil will be my only addition, and it will get a little Nalgene bottle. I never found I had to hike with excess packaging, but it's amazing the amount I would throw away as I un-packaged on the sidewalk. Your garbage will likely amount to a lot of sticky plastic wrappers.

I packaged the way Slogger did, all doled out into quart-sized ziplock bags. It can cut down on packaging and it really made preparing breakfast quicker, and then before I headed out for the day I would just throw my lunch ziplock in my pocket.

01-22-2005, 11:05
Most everything we carry on our section hikes is either in the original package (if it isn't too heavy/bulky), a ziploc bag, or sealed by a vacuum sealer. For salt, pepper and other condiments we'd just carry packets of mustard, relish, hot sauce, ketchup, etc. For olive oil I brought a flip-top screw cap bottle full so I would have to worry about it leaking.

If/when you eat at a fast food restaurant, grab a few extra packets of sauces to take along with you.