View Full Version : Shelter Question

04-14-2011, 16:32
Hey guys
I was wondering if a lot of people choose not to shack in the shelters but maybe nearby? I'm planning on hiking solo but would like to be near other hikers in the evenings. However my hammock is much more comfy then a shelter. Do a lot of people put tents up around the shelters?

04-14-2011, 16:52
Absolutely. It's like a tent city. There's usually a good water source and level ground around the shelters, as well as a fire ring, picnic bench, bear cables.... Hikers set up camp there long after the shelter is crammed full. You can sleep out in the quiet open air as well enjoy the camaraderie of a group sharing a meal and stories. Or not. I would often stop at a shelter around dinner time, do all the above, then hike on a few miles with enough water for the night and camp elsewhere.

04-14-2011, 20:41
I always try to stay in my hammock near a shelter