View Full Version : Anyone carry tent repair spares

English Stu
04-20-2011, 14:16
I have a Henry Shires Moment which I find is great and I have no issues with it right now.
I previously tarped, or used trekking poles with Henry's Contrail. I just wonder what to do if the pole elastic were to break out in the sticks. I note there is a metal pole sleeve you can carry if a pole should break and I understand it might be easier to thread a whole new elastic rather than repair the existing one.Just wondered if anyone carries spares.
I seem to recall from somewhere at a pinch you can erect the Moment with poles

04-20-2011, 14:50
no, I don't carry any spare parts for the tent. I just be as careful as I can not to break anything. If your on a long hike and something does break you can have it mailed to you.


04-20-2011, 14:56
I carried a pole repair sleeves for years ..when I finally needed it I was glad it was there. Stays in my peg bag.

04-20-2011, 18:21
No, with the availability of so many shelters I don't know why anyone would. :confused: