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04-22-2011, 14:14
What is the longest distance (miles not days) between resupply points on the CDT? From where to where?

Spirit Walker
04-22-2011, 17:05
Again, it depends. There are places where you can send a resupply to a backcountry lodge, or you can skip the drop and hike a longer distance to avoid hassle. Or you can choose to hitch to a town that is not near the trail, but has a store. The Bob Marshall Scapegoat is one such. The Wind River Range is another. The route you choose in the Gila will determine distance there (the official route is a much longer distance between resupply options. Whether you do a drop at Doc Campbells or not and whether you choose to go to Reserve is up to you. In some places (mostly in Montana but Steamboat Springs, Colorado is another) you have several different road crossings that will take you to town. Which road you take will determine how far it is between resupplies.

That said, I think our biggest carry was between Rawlins, Wy and Steamboat Springs. However by the time you get there, you're in top shape so the 150 or so miles isn't that bad - and you can break that up by going into Encampment if you want.

A quick version of resupply options is on our website at:

04-22-2011, 17:41
Ditto the above--it all depends. My longest CDT carry was under 140 miles. I did resupply mail drops to Benchmark and Togwotee Pass to avoid carrying over 200 miles, my limit. There were a few long lonely hitches in there, too.

04-22-2011, 18:23
As usual, those are informed responses by Spirit Walker and Garlic. It depends! If you haven't read Spirit Walker's CDT Trail Journal(s)(I believe 2 time CDT thru-hiker), I would strongly recommend you do so. One of the Best! Thanks Ginny! Some excellent resupply info not found everywhere(anywhere) else!!!

Between Yogi's CDT Guidebook resupply sections and Spirit Walker's CDT resupply info you'll get a TOP quality resupply overview of resupply pts and resupplying options on the CDT!

Choice of CDT route(the CDT is not always like the AT in respect to always being a set marked maintained obvious trail, sometimes it's just a bushwacking route, not a trail, I would venture to say no two CDTers take exactly the same route), hiking pace, hiking style(for example how far you are willing to hike/hitch out, if you are mailing all, some, or no resupply boxes, just buying along the way, or taking a hybrid resupply approach), and what you are willing to eat(diet), are just some of the factors that will influence how far it's between resupply points, FOR YOUR CDT HIKE.

The CDT, from several points of view, IS NOT a cookie cutter type trail/route! I hope it stays that way!

I was willing to hitch/hike out to further away or non-typical CDT resupply pts, don't mind visiting small out of the way towns, like hiking out non-CDT trails because I like exploring and adventure, like to always maintain an UL load(including a trail food load), don't like to feel hurried on my thru-hikes so I allow extra hiking/resupplying time, am willing to alter my hiking pace(I try not to get into a rut with regard to MPD), and often take a hybrid resupply approach, so on the CDT I never went more than 120 miles between resupply points.