View Full Version : Wind precautions for my tent

04-29-2011, 20:16
I have a TarpTent Moment that is quite "aerodynamic" and came with a tie-out loop on each side of the central hoop sleeve. I've used those tie-outs only once, at Colorado's Arapaho Pass (11,000+ ft.) in constant 35 to 45 mph winds. I had no flapping problems and the tent stayed very stable.

But being a belt and suspenders kinda hiker I also recently sewed 4 grossgrain ribbon loops around the hem, 2 in front and 2 in back, equidistant from the center hoop. It this can't keep the tent nailed down I figure I'll have to be in a full gale of 60+ mph winds.

Have other CT hikers found it to be very windy at high altitudes in July?


04-30-2011, 10:07
If you're good for Arapaho Pass with 35-45 MPH winds, you should have NO problem. I had some breeze and a few squalls on my thru-hike, but nothing like the sustained winds you're describing. You'll want to be below treeline most nights anyway, which cuts the winds considerably.