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mountain squid
04-30-2011, 21:25
Another year has gone by and Hard Core is just around the corner . . . Hard Core is your chance to help dig new trail (although this year there might not be much dirt to be actually digging in - that is code for lots of rocks:D) with the TN Eastman Hiking Club. It is on the Sun and Mon after Trail Days and this year it will be on the 15th and 16th of May.

This year puts us back where we were last yr. On Pond and on Roan (in different locations, of course). On Sun, hikers will be picked up in Damascus and transported to the work site on Pond Flats. It is a steep climb and unfortunately a little further to go than last yr. On Mon, we will go in from Cloudland on Roan Mountain down to the work site. On Tue, current hikers will be transported back to where they were on the trail.

Dinners on Sun and Mon will be provided. You will need to have your own breakfasts, lunches and snacks. Lunches will be eaten at the work sites. You will also want to bring water/something to drink to the work sites.

Sign-up for Hard Core will be on Friday and Saturday of Trail Days. Myself and Bob Peoples will be at the ATC booth in town. Sign-up early, because the list fills quickly.

For those with a vehicle, we may need your assistance in transporting hikers to and from the work sites and then back to the AT. We usually have work gloves available. However, sometimes it is difficult to get a matching pair . . . you might pick up a cheap pair prior to. Sturdy footwear is a good idea too.

I've uploaded a few 'Pre Hard Core' photos. Hope to see you there! It's alot of fun.

See you on the trail (and at Trail Days),
mt squid

04-30-2011, 21:33
dear mr peoples
although we have never met, i belive you know my lazy other half, old matthewski.

he was a fat bastard and never did hardcore but to eat the dinner after.

i have slain mr old matthewski.

you will have no further problems from him.

at present i am takeing a confrence with my god and negotiating the junk i need to make it this year to your house. negotiations have broken off and im out it seems. my god just wont budge on the issue of me being unworthy to attend due to missmanagement of myself.

if at any cost i am able to attend trail days,...i will be a hardcore memory you can laugh about on long winter nights when other funney stuff has become bad and unfun.

as allways, i wish i was you. love, matthew

04-30-2011, 21:39
might go start a thred called ,"whood ya rather be?".

if you know the person you would rather be, and if your gifted enough to have them be alive when your doing all this wanting,...well....then your a lucky

im oneadem.in bob.
when god makes trails in heaven for angels to work off some blubb,....he looks at what bobs doin. cause he likes it.

mountain squid
05-12-2011, 20:44
See everyone tomorrow, bright and early . . .

See you on the trail,
mt squid