View Full Version : Massachusetts AT Committee May 2011 Workdays

Tennessee Viking
05-02-2011, 12:03
5/2: Blowdown Clearing, Central Mass AT. Deb Weisenstein, dweisens@aer.com
5/3: Privy Rehab, Hemlocks Shelter, Mass. Jim Pelletier, wanderer0131@yahoo.com
5/5-5/8: Boundary Recovery and Marking, Tyringham MA. Steve Smith, stevenhsmith.smith@gmail.com
5/10: Clean up Lake Buel Rd parking area, Mass. . Jim Pelletier, wanderer0131@yahoo.com
5/14: Blowdown Clearing, Northern Mass AT. Cosmo Catalano, catalano.cosmo@gmail.com
5/17: Bog Bridge Repair, Northern Mass AT. Becky Barnes, rebecca.barnes@state.ma.us
5/21: Open Upper Goose Pond Cabin for season. Jim Pelletier, wanderer0131@yahoo.com
5/24: Clean up Phelps Rd and Gulf Rd Trailheads, Mass. Cosmo Catalano, catalano.cosmo@gmail.com
5/28: Repair and install floating dock at Upper Goose Pond Cabin. Cosmo Catalano, catalano.cosmo@gmail.com
5/31: Repair Upper Goose Pond Cabin caretakerís access road. Jim Pelletier, wanderer0131@yahoo.com