View Full Version : Krudmeister and Hearsay in Flagstaff

05-05-2011, 22:58
Two Arizona Trail hikers are gracing Flagstaff tonight, Krudmeister and Hearsay. Krudmeister is holed up at a near trail motel for the night and should hike on in the morning. Hearsay graced Guino with his presence by cruising by the Penguin Pad. He had a mail drop sent here, and was in a rush to get to his next one on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park before the Post Office closes on Saturday. So Hearsay busted out of Flagstaff after only taking a 3 hour break. Though he did have the opportunity to wash his filthy hiker trash clothes and self. I love the smell of dirty hiker on a spring afternoon!

All AZT hikers and their peeps back home should note, that I am leaving Flagstaff the morning of the 12th, and my last final is 7:30AM that day. So I would kindly ask that after the 10th of this month people consider me not here any more. Though if you just want to cruise by to do wash and shower on the 11th that would be totally cool. I'll just be in a rush cleaning and packing and stuff.