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05-10-2011, 18:37
this thred will be funny, but does not belong in humor.

what do you do regularly, that whenever you do it, you think of a hiker. for whatever reason?


when i make pancakes, i make thick batter. trail angelmary makes thin. so we fight over thickness at feeds. just made thin batter cause i miss her. was gonna add more mix, paused, and
thaught,..these are for mary.

when im quiet and havent spoken all day, i think of tank.

when my best friend dave whos a chef comes over and cooks, i think of baltimore jack because dave and jack cook very much alike.

when life gets me down and i find hidden strength, i think of little one.

whenever i use my elecrtic toothbrush i think of the goat cause he hikes with one.

and so on. who affects you in hikerdom?

05-10-2011, 18:46
My former hiking partner, Richard, who passed away six years ago. I think about him every time I think about the trail (which is pretty often.) His son just turned ten, and we're going for a hike in two weeks.

05-10-2011, 19:10
Whenever I run long distance now and my body starts to hurt I think of my hiking buddy (HW) who fell backwards off Mt. Madison and ended up going home with a cracked rib. 6 weeks later he's back at it and falls again on Mahoosuc Arm and separates his sternum. He finally summited Mt. K the next year. All of a sudden me hurting seems like nothin'

05-10-2011, 19:20
When I hike the fungi footpath I think of all you guys and gals on the AT.

05-10-2011, 19:54
I can't close a ziploc without squeezing out every last molecule of air.

Minnesota Smith said that once and now I have to find an alternative for ziplocs.

Red Hat
05-10-2011, 20:47
when I see a hennessey hammock I thnk of Kayak Karl,
when I see bacon or ads for weird uses of bacon, like the Denny's stuff, it's Matty
pipes (smoking kind) make me think of pirate
mason jars make me think of Mala
flannel plaid shirts make me think of Wee Willie
crocs make me think of TOW
Sierra Cups make me think of Warren

05-11-2011, 00:32
Any time I hear an owl calling, I think of my former hiking partner Joe and the first time I hear an owl (in the middle of the night) my first night on the AT.

Bare Bear
05-11-2011, 16:44
Whenever I get to hike I think of all of those who never tried, or never could.

Old Grouse
05-11-2011, 18:02
When I shave - because my wife complained that the shaving cream can was leaving rust stains on the vanity. So now I coat the bottom rim with McNets, and then giggle to myself that I'm so hard core that I "shave" with McNets.