View Full Version : Hot feet! is lightwieght footware going to work?

woolfie and GG
01-27-2005, 19:33
Hi, How many of us starting with with lightwieght footware?

I have read many discussion on approach shoe/trailrunners verses traditional boots, and appreciated both sides of the arguement, this thread is not intended to open the debate again.

But my feet really get too hot in boots, I have tried goretex/no goretex and similiar, my feet also get very soft over long hikes, the greater ventilation and custom footbeds in running shoes really help me.
The two thru hikers I have met both started with trad. boots but swaped to NB trainning shoes, and if they would attempt to thru hike again, would use them from the outset!

So is there anyone else thinking along the same lines?

Is there some other option?

01-27-2005, 20:42
My feet sweat quite a bit and I was deffinately headed the lightweight route, but a thru-hiker friend of mine mentioned that good'ole thick leather hiking boots will prevent me from rolling my ankle, and most blisters and sweating can be managed through good socks and liners to wick the sweat. The body will acclimate itself to the gear its given. Also I m headed SOBO in early June, and the majority of Maine could be walking on roots if heavy rain is involved. Personally I can't imagine my clumsy self not falling or rolling my ankle, and if I were to go lightweight, I would atleast make sure to buy a shoe that is high around the ankle. Just a thought...good luck man

01-27-2005, 21:37
I plan to start with shoes and use shoes the whole way. I can't imagine going back to boots unless I was in a lot of snow for an extended period.


01-27-2005, 22:00
Well, here it is a bit more than a month before I'm going to step off. I've been looking for boots for several months now - albeit not around the clock - but to no avail. Nothing seems to work right. I had a pair of cheap EMS boots for six years and loved them, the were comfy, but had crappy support and were fairly heavy. I purchased a pair of midwight gore-tex Asolo boots in September. The felt heavenly in the store, walking around, going up and down the incline. I broke them in pretty hard core hiking 60+ miles in New Mexico, many with pack. They just don't fit my feet..... so this brings me to shoes.

All that being said, I'm considering going with some shoes the whole way.

Totally Different Subject
01-28-2005, 00:09

Regarding ankle twists... I did Katahdin in September last year with those lightweight merrils and had no problem with ankle twists. and my ankles are pretty skinny. I'm not sure what your physical condition may be. I have had zero blisters since going with lightweight shoes. My feet get hot and sweat too so not having to wear a liner socks allows for the right amount of ventilation.
They work for some and not for others. I have no idea how they will work for me on hikes over two weeks.