View Full Version : Sticky Thermarest Stuff sack

05-15-2011, 15:18
Anyone have any experience with eliminating the stickyness of a Thermarest stuff sack. I have to peel it apart and it is hard to get the pad inside.


05-15-2011, 15:30
Old stuff sack?

05-15-2011, 15:41
Old stuff sack?

Yes, a few years old.

05-15-2011, 16:05
Try cornstarch.

Lord Helment
05-15-2011, 16:17
talcom powder will fix it up........

05-18-2011, 17:48
I have one that got like that. I just kept using it and eventually it stopped being sticky. I just assumed that was the waterproof coating on the sack breaking down. I carry my pad on the outside of my pack and use the stuff sack to try and prevent punctures, not to keep it dry so I don't worry about it. Eventually it stopped being sticky.

05-18-2011, 18:16
I called Cascade Designs, they said the waterproofing was failing and to send them back.

05-19-2011, 00:35
I found the thermarest stuff sack to be useless. You pretty much have to use a steam roller to get the pad small enough to fit into it. I gave up and bought a couple of nylon straps with clip buckles that can be synched tight. The stuff sack is now my bear bag.