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05-16-2011, 17:01
Up to this point I have always used just a pack cover to rely on keeping my stuff dry. Considering I haven't been caught in many storms, I must say that this system has worked well. But I figured it was time that I quit pressing my luck and get a pack liner. So, I looked around, and I was hoping to get one of Lawson's dry sacks, but I waited to long and now he is busy with other things and is not taking orders for dry sacks. So, I ended up emailing Joe at ZPacks and he said he could hook me up, which he did.

So, it is 18x36 and uses 1.26 oz/sqyd cuben fiber and weighs 1.8 oz after seam sealing. As well, this thing fits inside my ULA Circuit like it was made for it! Sweet!

Of course I posted a first look of it over on my blog along with a video. If you are interested, check it out here:

ZPacks Cuben Fiber 18x36 Dry Sack Pack Liner (http://sticksblog.com/2011/05/16/zpacks-cuben-fiber-18x36-dry-sack-pack-liner/)

Thanks for checking it out!

05-16-2011, 20:21
in hindsight stick do you like it? that's a good bit of weight. more than i was hoping for..

05-16-2011, 20:46
Wags, I do like it. I am fine with the 1.8 oz.

I was looking at the OR UL Dry Sack Pack liners and they were almost 4 oz.

The ones that Lawson sells (when available) are 2.25 oz I believe, but he may use a more robust buckle. I do know that he tapes his as well, so the tape may add a little extra weight too. Also, I am not 100% sure what weight of cuben he uses for his stuff sacks.

MLD's large dry sack is just a little smaller (17 x 35 vs 18 x 36) and it weighs 1.7 oz, the same as the ZPacks, however, it is taped rather than sewn, so no extra weight form seam sealing.

However, with ZPacks, I can request it to be made of what ever weight he has. He quoted me a weight of 1.2 oz if I would have used the 0.74 oz/sqyd cuben. And while he didn't quote me a price on the 0.51 oz/sqyd cuben, I figure it would probably be somewhere right at 1 oz. So, I chose to go with the heavier weight cuben, anticipating it too last longer.

As far as I know, my other alternatives are simply the light-weight pack liners, or even the trash compactor bags. However, I wanted something a little more durable. I also liked the fact that with it being a roll top dry sack, I can hang it outside with stuff inside it (such as my pack, or other non food items that I don't want to keep inside a shelter) and whatever is in it won't get wet either.

That being said, I am happy with my pack weight. My cold weather gear weighs just a little over 15 pounds without consumables, and my summer is just at 11. If I get another pack to use for my summer use, I will cut another pound off of that weight. So, I am ok with adding 1.8 oz to my pack weight...

05-16-2011, 22:11
lawson's cuben is definitely heavier weight cuben than joe's 1.26...

i know you're happy with your pack weight and you definitely think things through. i wasn't insulting your kit in any way, shape, or form. just wanted to know if you were happy with it. there was a time not too long ago i was interested in one, but it has faded for the time being...

you know you can always gooseneck a regular style stuff sack to make the top watertight?

05-16-2011, 22:16

No harm. And I thought about doing that with a trash compactor bag but in the end I just decided to go with the dry sack. I am not saying there is anything wrong with that either...I think it is just the cuben craze I got into... :) If it isn't cuben, it's something with down... haha...

05-16-2011, 23:30
i went through a cuben fad too. now i have like 3 stuffsacks that i don't really need :D

05-17-2011, 18:21
That is how I ended up with the one that I have around my Heine pot...

05-18-2011, 22:11
the omnitape or velcro top to seal the bag is pretty slick. it's the little details like that which make joe so awesome to deal with. i love giving him my money :D

05-18-2011, 23:07
Haha...I am not so sure I would say I love giving him my money...but I do like the packages I get in return...