View Full Version : just weighed my pack

05-17-2011, 21:47
After much forum lurking, list compiling, video watching and more shopping than I am accustomed to, I weighed my pack . . . .

and I'm at 20lbs before food and water!

I'm very pleased.

This site has been a huge help and a real education. Thanks yall!

05-17-2011, 22:04
Hey, less weight = more fun (which I hope you have a ton of :D).

05-17-2011, 22:29
+1 on the site being a great help. I also came in around 20 pounds.... Have since dropped the stove/pot and added more hygeine related items (i.e. second shirt/shorts and a way to clean up). Will likely switch back when I flip to Maine in August and it's cooler.