View Full Version : WiFi hotspots along the way SOBO???

05-18-2011, 17:55
I ask this at the risk of getting slammed... are there wifi hotspots along the trail relatively often, like in towns and cafes? I'm starting SOBO in mid-June, and I really don't want to take a netbook/tablet/anything techy out with me, but I gotta apply for jobs along the way, and I need internet access to send out resumes and whatnot. Are there enough hotspots along the way to warrant taking a netbook/tablet along?

05-18-2011, 18:12
There are quite a few wifi hot spots around these days, including most public libraries. As I recall McDonalds even rolled out a campaign where every location has free wifi.

However, whether to take a computer or smartphone/tablet with you is a more complicated question. Most public libraries and some hostels have computers available for patron use.

If 30 mins a few times a week is enough time to deal with your emails, then I would recommend against bringing a computing device. Stick your resume and other important documents on a flash drive, some programs can run directly off the flashdrive too.

If you need more internet access, or for longer periods of time, then you should probably carry/bounce something of your own.

05-18-2011, 20:15
WiFi hotspots along the way SOBO???

They are the same as along the way NOBO.

05-18-2011, 20:50
You can have access to a computer in hostels, hotels, and libraries along the way. If you use Google Docs you can have all your stuff available anywhere.