View Full Version : longest prep hike?

Uncle Walkie
05-18-2011, 22:58
for you vets....before thru hiking, what was your longest trip in preparation?

I've hiked scores of 4 day, 3 night trips...and countless nights outdoors with gear (as a Marine)....

Am planning a 31 mile hike of the Art Loeb Trail in August....what do you recommend before thru hiking?....a two week trip?....

thanks for the advice...Whiteblaze really rocks

05-19-2011, 09:13
Sure can't hurt and only help. The more you know and experience ahead of time, the better you are at dealing with situations out there. Go for it

05-19-2011, 09:23
I've been sectioning for 10 plus years and my longest hikes are two weeks long. Just long enough to start to feel some trail legs and become accustomed to a routine, and then, back to the "World". Ten days to two weeks is just about right in my opinion, you'll either long for the comforts of home or yearn for the day you'll be able to continue.