View Full Version : My SoBo gear list so far. Please advise. Fairly well set up, I think.

05-19-2011, 18:32
Note: I'm not hiking Ultralight, or even Light. I'm "typical". http://www.hikingwebsite.com/gear/types/using.htm

Big 4:
Pack: Kelty Trekker 3900. I need an external frame: I slouch a lot and I don't think an internal would be good for my back. In most photos I've seen have people leaning forward and I think that would be painful after awhile. If you have a slightly bigger external, let me know. 4000-5000 would be fine, I think, although I am looking at 6000s just in case.
Tent: Eureka Spitfire 1-Person 2010. Nothing special here. Willing to take any adivce (no hammocks).
Bag: Quest Eagles Peak Mummy Adult Sleeping Bag. Perfect bag. Solidly built (needs a new sack, though), synthetic, warm, big; 88x29. It's rated to 30F but with a good tent and pad I would have no problem taking it below 0F. Cheap, too. Highly recomended, not getting rid of it out until it breaks, then I'm replacing it.
Pad: ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad. Regular Size. It's 20x72x1.5 (wide,long,thick) but I sometimes sleep in the fetal position and I'm not sure if I should get regular or the Short MC: It's 25x60x2. It has good reviews. Not bringing anything I need to pump. They really go the extra mile with these: the metal peices are made with Brass to prevent rusting.

Boots: Not sure at this point. Possibly considering another pair of the very comfortable leather shoes I wear everyday.
Socks: 2 pairs of Wigwam Wicking Sock Liners, and 2 pairs of Smartwool Mountaineering Socks. Very comfortable. Considering 3 pairs on a recomendation. Advice?
Pants: No idea. I've been looking at pants from Columbia, and at the Elkommando Kilt, but I'm not decided. I'm possibly getting 1 Elkommando Kilt and 1 pair of zip-off short/pants.
Undershorts: 2 (3?) pairs of Exofficio Boxer/Briefs.
Shirts: 2. Looking at Exofficio and Underarmour T-Shirts. Also, I have this nice long-sleve Rayon shirt for cold weather that weights very little (and looks nice, good for hitching).
Jacket: No freaking idea. Something water-proof, not too heavy. And orange for hiking season.
Hat: A simple thing for sunny weather, although I'm not much of a hat person.

S-biners: I highly recomend you look these things up. Very helpful.
Flashlight: Nebo Products 5067 5067 Tactical Series Csi 8 Led F. Super lightweight and well-rated.
Water Cleaner: Aquamira Frontier Emergency Water Filter System. Very well-rated and nice-looking product. Thinking about bringing a back-up: they're cheap and don't weigh much.
Fire Starter: SE Emergency Fire Starter. Just in case: A piece of steel, a piece of flint, and a piece of Mg. Lightweight and sturdy.
Knife: Peter Janda Fin Fixed Blade Tactical Knife, Tanto, Serrated. Well rated, cheap, light, sturdy knife.
Utensils: GSI Outdoors Knife, Spoon, and Fork. Lightweight, sturdy plastic. A little ring at the top fits well on the S-Biners.
Compression Sack: For clothing and bag. Sea To Summit eVent compression sack Regular size. Thinking about getting a Large size and fitting everything inside, instead of a Regular for bag and a Small for clothes. Waterproof, sturdy (I use that word a lot).

05-19-2011, 18:33
Also, Incomplete. I'm bringing some other stuff, like a whistle and Iodine tablets, as well as a well-stocked first aid kit.

05-19-2011, 19:27
You've got heavy stuff and it will drag you down by the Mahoosucs of Maine and you'll wish you had some different stuff. Just sayin
3 pairs of socks is what I bring
Montbell makes a nice light synthetic jacket
Don't bring Iodine -you'll hate your water, bring Aqua mira

05-19-2011, 21:01
What kind of feedback are you looking for? Perhaps other folks who deem themselves "typical" (not ultralight or light) to give specific suggestions of things you haven't selected yet, or ... ?

I sense that you're not looking for suggestions on how to lighten your load, but perhaps I've misread that (?).

05-20-2011, 00:32
I hope you have practiced in cold temps with your sleep system, cause I don't envision you being comfortable anywhere near 20 let alone zero. Not that you will see those temps, just wouldn't want to be sleeping in that if they came.

05-20-2011, 05:03
TO LIGHTEN YOUR LOAD you may want to take a look at the STERI-PEN JOURNEY and it,s prefilter kit for water filtration