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John Rambo
05-21-2011, 12:08
Hi everyone,

I'm flippity flopping so I can finish the Trail during school (I go to college in the Northeast) and I'm at home for about a week.

During my hike (I've done the first third - Springer to Daleville, VA), I've had some shoe issues. My first pair of boots were fine until Damascus, where they finally just wore out. Understandable.

In Damascus, I picked up some boots and some Superfeet, and all was great for about the first 5 days. Then, I started getting extreme pain on the side of my ankle, where the bone juts out on the outside of the ankle. First it was just in one ankle. I stuck a wide rock in the boot one night to stretch it out, and it worked great for the next day. But then the other one started to hurt and the rock trick wasn't working.

I hiked about 100 miles in Reef flip flops. It was incredibly comfortable.

I also tried Tevas and running shoes with the same problem. It's like it's just bumping my ankle bone over and over until finally I can't bear it. I asked the guys at my local REI and they hadn't ever heard of it. They recommended some Keens, which could work, but if there's a solution or if someone has also had this issue and knows what's causing it, I'd like to hear about it! It happened in a sandal, a boot and a running shoe! Maybe Reef can sponsor me, lol.

Thanks guys!!
Johnny R.

05-21-2011, 13:21
Does your heel fit properly inside the heel cup of the SuperFeet insole? A lot of times people just grab the insole letter designation for their shoe size. You may need to move up a size in order for your heel to fit inside without straddling the insert.

John Rambo
05-22-2011, 15:23
That's a good question... I just finally threw them away because it didn't seem to be helping me with arch support anyway. The owner of Mt. Rogers Outfitter in Damascus fitted me with them, so I just trusted his judgment. He was really pushing them, too. But I think you're on to something... will try some preliminary semi long distance hiking days before heading back out to see.

Thank you!! :D