View Full Version : July/August 2-3 Section AT Hiking

05-24-2011, 15:18

I am going to be hiking a 2-3 week section of the AT this summer in late July or early August.
I am located in Washington, DC and I was immediately drawn to the section in Southern Virginia/Tennessee/North Carolina (I hear this is one of the most beautiful sections of the trail).

However, considering that I will be hiking in July/August I was concerned about heat and bugs. Will I be quite uncomfortable if I hike this section in July/August? Would it be better for me to travel (via bus/train) further North and hike in Vermont/New Hampshire?


05-24-2011, 15:48
Yes , this is a great section of the AT to hike and yes , it will be hot. Plus the bugs will still be around. i hike in the White Mountains every year and the ideal time to be there is in fact the time that you are going. the bugs are all but gone, the days are warmer and the nights cool. You could do the entire New Hampshire section of the AT in that time and maybe skip into maine to catch the Mahoosic Notch.

Come North!