View Full Version : What about this for a water filter setup ??

05-29-2011, 15:31
Been using a Aquamira frontier pro with a platy bag and drops or tabs.

Been looking and looking at pumps but I think I have settled on this rig, or something similar.

Geigerrig 3L pressurized dirty bag, Sawyer 3 in 1 filter and maybe also a Katadyd charcoal filter for taste.

You could also just fill it up with untreated water and use it as a regular bladder, IE dont transfer to bottles. If in an area with virus issues like S. America or Africa, just pretreat the water in the Geigerrig bag with Chlorine.

Not SUL, but I could skip all that and just go drops if I am in a good water area.

Also I think you could set the Geigerrig bag up as a shower with the right nozzle which would be cool.

This will also double as an emergency water filter for my house since I live in hurricane country.

Something like this...


05-29-2011, 15:42
ingenious! the pressure bulb could prolly do other things to . like pull water from a leaf. gravity systems are the bomb. and you have improved it. very very nice. i will be makeing one if only for home emergencys. i wanna see the test results. only worried about leaks.

05-29-2011, 16:04
That's not me, just found it over at BPL last night.

Its expensive at $45 for the Geigerrig bag, but I was looking at Katadyn pocket and Vario and those are not cheap either.

You could use it as a regular pressurized bladder, dirty bag bladder, water pressure is good for cleaning wounds etc, no more sucking to get a drink, and like I said with the right attachment a shower.

There are probably some other uses too. I think you can still use it in gravity mode
like if you lost the bulb, and I am sure you can use it like a normal bladder.

You could still use it with a Frontier pro also, but I am looking for more of a lifetime filter so considering the Sawyer.

05-29-2011, 18:18
looks like a geriatric bag!

05-29-2011, 18:22
I can pressure one up like that.
Still have a good stream.