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01-30-2005, 17:47
I had an interesting conversation with an outfitter yesterday and picked up many pointers (he thru-hiked in 2000). Near the end of the conversation we discussed clothing and I think I got lost. So - all you informative WBers - please help!

What clothes do you carry? Summer vs Winter clothing. I have a summer gear and winter gear that my wife will be sending, but am unsure of what clothes to keep with me. I am interesed in what is in your pack for each season! And don't forget socks/hats/gloves/balaclavas and all those accessories! Thanks for the input!

--John :cool:

SGT Rock
01-30-2005, 18:02
Here is my clothing strategy. You could use it to base how you plan to use yours and give you a planning idea:

running shoes 32.4 ounces
Minigators 2.9 ounces
Wigwam C-T Tour Socks (sock liners) 0.9 ounces
Whiteblaze Shirt - wicking shirt 7.1 ounces
microfiber underwear 1.6 ounces
nylon shorts 3.7ounces
baseball hat 2.5 ounces
Total - 51.3 ounces

Wigwam C-T Tour Socks - 2 pair 1.8 ounces
microfiber underwear 1.6 ounces
long sleeve Zip-T coolmax 7.6 ounces
Total - 11.0 ounces

One pair of socks, the underwear, and the shirt are basically for camp use.

Packa 11.2 ounces
gortex mittens - OR rain mittens 1.2 ounces
ProVent Pants (similar to Frogg Toggs) 5.3 ounces
Seal Skin socks 3.5 ounces
Total - 21.2 ounces

Rain gear can always also be warm clothing. If you need long pants just put on rain pants. If you need a wind break just put on your jacket. If you need gloves or warm socks you also have those. This is why with my worn and summer clothing I can go down to 60.

Arc'Teryx Powerstretch Pants 8.3 ounces
REI Powerstretch Shirt 9.5 ounces
Wigwam hiking socks 2.6 ounces
Wigwam knit hat 2.4 ounces
Brigade QM polypro gloves 0.9 ounces
Total - 23.7 ounces

A warm layer to add to what I already have.

4. WINTER (0 to 30) CLOTHING
Wigwam heavy wool socks 3.3 ounces
OR P300 mittens 1.9 ounces
polypro neck gaiter 2.1 ounces
Modified Field pants liner 8.1 ounces
Kennebec Insulated Pullover 9.7
Total - 25.1 ounces

I prefer the insulation of something like the Kennebeck pullover and the field pants to fleece. It compresses better and it is warmer per ounce than fleece.

That is my total layering system. Total carried weight is only 81 ounces or about 5 pounds.

01-30-2005, 18:12
Clothing? Who needs clothing? Just go naked, it takes all those pounds off of your back. As the old, overused bumper-stickers and T-shirts say: "Hike Naked- it adds color to your cheeks.":jump

01-30-2005, 18:23
"Hike Naked- it adds color to your cheeks.":jump
Which cheeks? :banana

01-30-2005, 18:34
This is the gear that I carried on my last section hike (VA to VT), and it is more or less what I would take with me if I was starting NOBO from mid April on. If I was going to be on trail in the north after mid September, I might alter this a bit.

Wearing: Patagonia shorts (special from Sierra Trading Post)
Andiamo Skinz (cycling shorts as underwear)
MEC Rapidi-T (basic t-shirt)
K-mart watch
Wigwam Ultimax running socks
Trail Runners (brand varies, but Asics 1090TR are a good model)

In the pack: O2 Rainshield blue jacket (note, would not take again)
02 Rainshield blue pants (note, would not take again)
MEC Northern Lite II insulated pullover
2 pairs Wigwam running socks
Fox River liner gloves
Wigwam hat (have had for 18 years)
MEC Midweight thermal tights
MEC Midweight thermal top

I could get by with less, but I tend to be on the conservative side with clothing. The thermals are certainly not necessary for most of the summer, but I carry them for the same reason that I carry a first aid kit. I did not like the Rainshield rainsuit. Instead, I would bring a Frogg Toggs jacket and my wind pants (MEC, no longer made, but any will do). I would think hard about buying an Epic windshirt and carrying an umbrella, however.

01-30-2005, 22:50
take $1000.00 to the nearest patagonia store.....nothing better

01-31-2005, 02:59
Patagonia Silkweight Capilene Longsleeve Crew
Patagonia Baggies shorts
Smartwool Trailrunner II socks
running shoes of choice (NB704)

3.5oz DriDucks rain jacket (new, haven't used this one yet)
3oz DriDucks rain pants (also new)
1oz Outdoor Research Goretex rain mitts

warmth for the warmer months:
8oz Patagonia expedition weight capilene crew
8oz Patagonia expedition weight capilene bottoms
2oz Patagonia powerstretch balaclava
2oz Mountain Hardwear powerstretch glove liners
2oz fleece socks

warm clothing added for the cooler months:
12oz Patagonia micropuff pullover
2oz 200-weight fleece skull cap


01-31-2005, 08:25
hey Sgt.Rock!

where'd u get the WhiteBlaze "wicking" shirt?