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05-30-2011, 14:31
Hey all,
I'm in the market for some rain gear for a month long hike coming up this summer. I'm pretty sure I'm sold on frogg toggs because they are lightweight and affordable and I've heard good things about them from other hikers. My only question is whether I should be more interested in the dura-lite or the ultra-lite?

The dura-lite seems like it's more durable but more expensive, and the ultra-lite might be lighter but less durable, though they unfortunately don't show weights on the site. Anyone have experience with either of these models and might be able to recommend one or the other?


05-30-2011, 19:49
My hubby has the ultralight, it worked great but it doesn't hold up that well. He had already torn his jacket

05-30-2011, 20:23
I have the ultralight. They work well, are extremely lightweight, but won't hold up to any long hike. I would recommend for weekend outings. They might be able to last for a month, but I wouldn't trust them that long.

05-30-2011, 20:30
I have about three jackets with duct tape fixes. I buy em for 4 day hikes cause they are cheap, breath very well and did I mention cheap?

I loan em out to hiking buddies alot.

05-30-2011, 21:05
I just ordered the duralite for my brother for an upcoming trip in the smokies. I am thinking that they will basically be disposable rain gear once they are shredded, but I didn't want to take the chance on a $20 suit.

05-31-2011, 15:22
Anyone have experience with either of these models and might be able to recommend one or the other?

I bought my first pair of DriDucks almost three years ago and still have the jacket. I used it in Red River Gorge a couple of weeks ago. I will be ordering another pair of the ultralights for my SOBO leaving in a couple of weeks.

The durability is low and can easily tear if caught on a sturdy branch, fallen log, etc. that said, they are easily fixed with DuctTape. I dont wear mine all that often, however..only when there are heavy downpours. Any I never wear rain pants (dropped those in Manchester Center on LT E2E two years ago)

Bottom line: These are the way to go for someone who wants to go light, VERY cheap (and therefore easily replaceable if fatally damaged) and doesnt mind getting a little wet in rain. Go for it!

max patch
05-31-2011, 16:00
I wouldn't wear any of em.