View Full Version : Book: Barefoot Sisters-Southbound

05-30-2011, 20:27
I've read as many books on the AT as I can consume. I've loved most. In no particular order: AWOL, Skywalker, Blind Courage, 300 Zeros, On The Beaten Path, White Blaze Fever, A Walk for Sunshine. All are on the top of my AT book list. And now the Barefoot Sisters book, Southbound, is on that list as well. I found their descriptions of trail life, the joys, the difficulties, the beauty, the not-so-beautiful, the trail relationships, the trail angels, the trail towns, the weather, and everything they wrote about to be so well written as to make me feel nearly experiencing it myself. I think they both did a fantastic job. Am now engrossed in their NOBO book: Walking Home.

05-30-2011, 20:29
Now u need to read NORTHBOUND "WALKING HOME"