View Full Version : Skooch-N-Gooch...

06-05-2011, 08:42
Me and SideKick ran into Skooch around Gooch with FatMan, His Bride and dogs and was touched by how stoked she was to be on the trail... She was actually crying she was soooo happy... Good luck girl and enjoy the journey :D... Thanks FatMan for the Sweetwater IPA and Pizza!!!

06-05-2011, 15:54
It was kind of weird running into a crying hiker. And then to discover it was Skooch from here on WB made it more bizarre. But it did seem they were really tears of joy. She certainly made me believe she was very happy to finally be out on the trail.

Toli, glad you enjoyed the walk and the beer afterwards. It was my pleasure and hope we do it again soon.