View Full Version : A few different Geigerrig setups

06-05-2011, 09:01
I got mine the other day and decided to try some different combos for weigh. The bag and top clip alone weighs 4oz. The bulb and a vinyl tube and connector 2 oz.

I am not the originator of this idea of putting a geigerrig bag and sawyer filter together. That came from a guy over at BPL. I expanded on it a bit.

The Geigerrig rig weighs a bit over 9oz out of the box and cost $45.
You can get the Sawyer 3 way from moontrail for about the same. The 3 way can also be used on a faucet for emer filter, or for backflushing.

Put together as a water filter with the sawyer as shown below in pic 4 it weighs about 14 oz without the bottle. Note the silicone tubing is a bit heavy. If you switch out all the tubing to light vinyl the rig weighs about 11.5 oz.

All of the fittings, with the exception of the platy hose and bite valve came with either the sawyer 3 way or geiger. The barbs on the two are different sizes so I used red silicone tubing which goes onto either.

Not sul but its a very useful rig and pretty much bomb proof.

You can use it as a clean bag regular pressurized bladder, dirty bag regular pressurized bladder, Dirty bag for a filter system, good for cleaning wounds since its pressurized, with the right attachment probably a shower although I have not figured that out yet, a pillow, and since the geigerrig is pressurized you can use it to backflush the filter in the field.

This is what my rig looks like so far.
Consist of a 3L geigerrig bag and a Sawyer 3 way filter. In filter mode it filters 2L of H20 in 2 minutes.

The geigerrig just as it comes..


With a platy hose, I will explain that below. Already had it.
Short silicone jumper hose with quick connect.
Setup still just a normal bladder.


Above goes into an elcheapo hydration pack when I go out hog hunting in the swamps. I carry a small bottle of chlorine and if I run out of water the Platy bite valve connection will fit an Aquamira frontier pro. Sort of an emergency setup in case I run out of water. You could also just put on the sawyer filter. Fill it up, drops, take off the bite valve, and put on the fronteir pro and good to go.


Set up as a water filter with a Sawyer 3 way.


The next iteration was to see how light I could get a geigerrig used as a filter. Below weighs 9oz wet with a Stripped frontier pro.

Drilled a hole in the side of the bottle connector of the frontier pro to access a zip tie to help hold the silicone tube on. See pic.

Everything else is vinyl tubing from home depot. Had it already.
Its just the right size to fit either end of the frontier pro.

It did not blow off when I tested it without, but I could see it loosening up after a while.