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06-09-2011, 00:48
The other day I came home and found a box from SMD waiting for me on my front step! Of course I knew what was inside it, the new Swift pack. I got this pack to use as a "summer" pack since my gear is a smaller volume than my "winter" gear and my Circuit is actually overkill. I ordered a wing belt and an aluminum stay to go with it.

So, when I pulled it out of the box I was simply amazed at how big this thing really is! It truly does rival the Circuit in terms of size. So, the last few days I have been loading my gear up in it and trying out different set-ups with it. Trying to decide if I wanted to keep it, or return it.

In the end, I decided to keep it, although I am not yet 100% sold that it is what I was looking for. I really do love the pack, but the size is what I question...

Anyway, I have done a little write up and a video review and posted it on my blog (as usual). If you are interested, you can check it out here:

Six Moon Designs 20110 Swift (http://sticksblog.com/gear/my-current-gear/backpack/six-moon-designs-swift/)

06-09-2011, 06:32
Check out the Gossamer Gear Murmur. It's a great summer pack.

(I switched from a 2009 Swift to the Murmur for warm weather)

06-09-2011, 15:13
I have looked at the Murmur...I remember that you had it...

I do think it will be a tad too small for what I need. I am thinking that a pack somewhere near 45L will be good for what I want. However, there are a few things that I want in it. I want the large front (back?) mesh pocket and a good size side pocket on each side. I would like it to have an additional (3rd) side pocket similar to that of the ZPacks optional side pocket, or a taller side pocket like on the Swift. Last but not least, I want it too have hip belt pockets.

One thing that the Swift has taught me is that I can probably get by with a "frameless" pack. Since I do not use a ccf pad and I carry a Neo (which isn't great for packs with pad pockets) I had been looking for a pack with a stay for support. I guess it depends on the weight of the stay though, but I hae decided not to use the 4.6 oz stay in the Swift and have cut ccf pads to use in the pocket and it only weighs 3.6 oz. So, in this case, a ccf pad is a better idea than a stay...So, I guess depending on the weight, a pack with a pad pocket could work too...

Anyway, I think that the Blast 26 would be great for what I am looking for, unfortunately I cannot afford it right now. Plus I need a pack for next week when I head out on my trip (and there is an "8 week" wait for packs at ZPacks). This is probably a big reason that I am thinking about keeping the Swift. Part of me wants to send it back and use the money towards another pack (...cough cough ZPacks cough cough...) but another part wants to keep it cause it does work (albeit with a little overkill) and I do have it now for my hike coming up...


06-09-2011, 15:47
In a perfect world you could see a Blast 20 before you ordered the 26.

I've got the 32 and it's a lot bigger than I expected - I wish I had gotten the 26 now.

Joe is very generous in his sizing - I'd like to hear if any other Blast owners have noticed this or is it my imagination.

06-09-2011, 15:59
I remember you saying that too... :)

John from RedWoodOutdoors.com (http://www.redwoodoutdoors.com/) has offered to send me his Blast 26 and a HMG Windrider to check out for myself so I think I will take him up on that. I don't get out oin the trail near as much as I would like, and then once I am out there I don't really see a whole lot of these packs, so if he sends them that would be awesome!

Here is a link to my gear list that I will be using this pack for:

Gear List (https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aqh886ycFM9kdGltQzgyWnRPY0t3NjdXREJ1TU9ES FE&hl=en_US)

I am quite happy with this list. The items on this list come to a grand total of 10.07 pounds, however the Jetboil Sol and the rain jacket are items I am testing for BGT. If I were not carrying them, my other alternatives would drop right at 3/4 of a pound to give me a total of around 9.25 pounds. I am pretty happy with that!

But it seems that what I am finding are lightweight packs with large volumes. This is one reason I settled on the Swift. It has a listed volume of 3400 cu in. The OHM is a little over 3900 and the CDT is just over 3600. Why cant I find a 15 oz pack with a 2800 cu in volume? It is not so much that my gear is heavy anymore but it certainly does not require such a large capacity... Of course though I still want the pocket configuration I specified above and some durn hip belt pockets... :) (Maybe I am just too picky...)

06-09-2011, 20:06
Sounds like you need the Gossamer Gear Gorilla to me. Great pack.

06-09-2011, 20:35
I did look at that pack when I was looking around, but honestly I figured it would be too small...now I figure it is actually right around what I need...However, by the time I added in the extra hip belts, the price wouldn't be too much less than the ZPacks Blast 26...