View Full Version : Need help supplementing my shelter

12-06-2002, 15:28
I recently acquired a Slumberjack Bivvy Shelter for $20. Easy to set up, great movement room, I'm a little worried about the zippers, but that will play out in time. My main problem with it is that the rain fly only covers the mesh vents in the shelter itself, which doesn't provide any pack room outside, much less an area to cook in out of the rain and cold. I'm considering carrying a tarp to set up over my tent, but this almost seems to be over-kill.
Any suggestions on low cost, light weight materials I can use to supplement my anemic little fly would be greatly appreciated!

12-06-2002, 16:02
You could carry a separate small tarp as a cooking shelter. I prefer to cook away from my sleeping area to avoid attracting critters at night. Just buy a piece of silnylon, hem the edges, and add grommets. I made a 5 foot x 6 foot tarp that's big enough for 2 to sit under and cook. Weighs about 3 oz (without any cord) and can be tied to trees or trekking poles. If you hike solo, probably a 4x5 or so tarp would be adequate. You can drape it over your gear at night.

12-06-2002, 17:38
If you hike with a poncho, rather than a jacket or pullover, you could probably rig up a decent mini-tarp with it over your bivy. It would probably provide enough coverage for you to cook while partially in the bivy.

12-08-2002, 08:02
I tested out the Slumberjack bivy when it came out back in the day, around 96 maybe. Give it a test run before going on a serious hike, I had condensation problems but then again it was a prototype and is probably different these days. One thing you could do is leave the fly at home, take a small tarp and A-frame it over the bivy opening. Of course more weight but will probably give you more room and much less condensation. Good luck!