View Full Version : I'm stoked

06-11-2011, 16:29
Just bit the bullet and ordered a Lightheart Duo from Lightheartgear. I have been keeping up with all the tarptent post for some time now and finally just had to have one. Never have owned a tent, other than a family tent, so really looking forward to getting this one. I have heard nothing but good about the Lightheart tents.
Being a novice to backpacking and trying to get enough gear and the right gear for a thru hike, hopefully next spring.

06-11-2011, 16:39
Super congrats! Which version did you get? We will look forward to pics when you get it...

06-11-2011, 16:55
Thx Stick, I ordered a Duo, with the wedge. Can't wait to set it up. I have been keeping up with your gaiter review (nice review BTW). Something else for me to buy now :)
If it weren't for all you guy's gals post, I would be lost as to what is good gear and not so good gear. I have really rethunk by thinking from a year ago when I took interest in doing a thru hike. I may not ever be able to do one, but I will certainly do me some A T hiking.
Thanks for all the reviews you do buddy. I like the way you go in depth with all of them.