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06-12-2011, 12:55
I am seeking any sort of resource that has fairly detailed mileage, elevation, road crossings, etc. on the AT in southern North Carolina. I will be hiking from the NOC to Fontana. I'm aware of the shelter lists but just wanted to see if there was any other online resources out there. The Georgia AT website has a good example of what I have in mind:

Thanks in advance and happy hiking!

map man
06-12-2011, 16:57
The ALDHA Companion is a good resource. You can download the Companion in pdf if you pay for a year's membership (ALDHA.org), or you can buy a paper copy for $14.95 ($11.95 if you belong to ATC) at: https://www.atctrailstore.org/catalog/itemlist.cfm?catid=42&pcatid=0&compid=1&page=3

Also, there is an article in our articles section (posted by "Veteran") called "Georgia AT topo maps" which actually has on-line maps all the way from Georgia into Virginia. On our home page, it's on the left side in the section titled "Data and Schedules." Or just click on this link: