View Full Version : 4 day/3 night in GSMNP

Nick Wilson
06-13-2011, 13:55
I am planning a four day, three night trip in GSMNP and would like advice on where to go. I'd like to be high elevation and experience some balds. I appreciate the help.

Bear Cables
06-13-2011, 16:40
What would your average daily milage be? clingman's dome to Fontana goes over Rocky Top with pretty views. Then there is Davenport gap to newfound gap which takes you up Charlies Bunion. Also there is a nice side trip up Mt Crammner to the old stone fire tower. I have pictures of the GSMNP section in my gallery.

Nick Wilson
06-13-2011, 21:17
That's awesome. Thanks. We will probably do anything around 10 miles a day.

06-13-2011, 21:29
I prefer the eastern part of the park to the western myself. (Newfound to Davenport)

Sierra Echo
06-13-2011, 21:32
if you want to experience an awesome bald, go check out blood mtn in north ga.

Nick Wilson
06-14-2011, 10:29
Yeah I love in Buford, GA so I am not too far from Blood. I've been several times.