View Full Version : Overnight parking Maryland?

06-15-2011, 19:25
hey all,
can I park at the Baltimore Pike (hwy 40) AT crossing right next to I-70 in Maryland overnight? Does anyone know?


link provided to help

06-15-2011, 21:14
Yes. I left a vehicle there for a week. There's a SP nearby too and I think the rangers occasionally check on the lot. I think I was told this when I called, but it was several years ago that I did that section.

sir limpsalot
06-17-2011, 16:17
It'll be fine, I left vehicle there overnite twice last fall. Many others did at the same time.

06-17-2011, 17:30
Alligator is correct, the parking lot on RT 40 just up from Greenbrier State Park is FAIRLY secure. You do get the idiot redneck that stops to take a leak. Just do not leave anything valuable in plain sight in the car and you should be fine. The Rangers actually like for you to check in at the Park gate so they know that the vehicle is a hikers car.

06-17-2011, 22:30
i live nearby. there are always cars parked there overnight this time of year. Your biggest problem might be finding a parking spot as the hikes to annapolis rocks and washington monument are extremely popular for weekenders. if you want a more secluded/safer lot you could park where the trail crosses Rt 17 and add a few miles to your hike depending on the direction you are going.