View Full Version : Hiking Boot Equivalent to Chacos Z/1?

06-16-2011, 16:33
It took 6 months of trying on shoes at every outdoor store in the area and reading a lot online, but I finally found a "shoe" that truly seems to be the most comfortable thing for hiking I've ever worn: Chaco Z/1s.

What I'm curious is if anybpdy who swears by these has found a hiking boot equivalent. By this I mean a boot that has the same benefits of the Z/1s, such as the hugely cushioning sole, awesome tread and great arch-supporting footbed. I've never tried on a boot that has an inch of rubber under it, and with the low heel provides for such a natural gait.

06-16-2011, 17:33
why not just hike in the chacos? One of my friends did the AT and CDT in chacos.

Black Sheep
06-16-2011, 23:21
Try a pair of Montrail Enduro Soles when you are trying on boots. Chacos have definitely spoiled the shoe/ boot wearing experience for me, but these are the next best thing, imo. I trade 2 pair of them in and out of all my other shoes, including light hikers, boots, and dress shoes.

Find a pair of boots or shoes that you like, then give them a shot with the insoles.