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06-17-2011, 18:48
New guy alert!! Be gentle.
I was planning to hike the Maryland section starting in Harpers Ferry next week 6/20-6/24, but weather forcast is calling for t-storms for the whole week. Any suggestions? Should I tough it out? I am taking my 10 yr old son with me as well.

06-17-2011, 20:24
It has been my experience that when the forecast calls for T_STORMS, they generally refer to what I call "Popcorn Storms", which happen usually between 4 and 7 pm. My local weather calls for storms everyday, but we only get the quick bursts. Just use proper lightning precautions. At this time of the year you should be fine, in fact a good drenching feels pretty good and is part of the TRAIL LIFE.... happy trails....

06-17-2011, 20:30
I wouldn't drive from Monroe to MD to hike.

Go somewhere up by Traverse City, much prettier and closer

06-17-2011, 21:16
"Chance of thunderstorms" is the typical summertime weather forecast for much of the mid-Atlantic and as Birchy said, they usually occur late afternoon. Because of the heat, you'll want to get an early start every day anyway so you'll probably be at the shelter or campsite before they hit.

06-17-2011, 21:45
That's the kind of weather you get in the mid Atlantic.
But t-storms can crop up anywhere.

Take rain gear. Have a pack liner and a pack cover.