View Full Version : MSR Windpro

02-02-2005, 22:11
Does anyone have any experience with the MSR Windpro canister stove? It's about two ounces more than a SnowPeak Giga, but looks like it would be a lot more stable.



02-10-2007, 08:02
I have some comments about this stove. Yes, it is quite stable as compared to other stoves which are directly mounted onto the canister. You are also able to put a much larger pot onto the burner.

The only reason I purchased this stove is that it performs well in sub freezing temps. If you turn the canister upside down, the fuel (in form of a liquid) will ignite without problems. The alternative here would be a white gas stove, but there a pain in the as*. I am pleased with the Windpro. I just wish it were a little less bulky.

If you do your cooking above freezing, I would stick with the canister mounted models. Just be careful balancing the stove. I also have the Snow Peak Gigapower stove which I use for almost every three season outing.