View Full Version : Neusiok trail in June

06-18-2011, 17:15
Hey, I'm over 2/3 of the way into my trek across the state and am approaching the Neusiok trail section. It will be my first time through this section and I'm a bit apprehensive about the bugs and snakes.

I'm considering picking up some thick nylon gaitors in New Bern as protection. Any other suggestions? I would love to come back and see this section in more ideal conditions. Thanks in advance for any practical advice.



06-18-2011, 20:53
Very hot, humid and buggy this time of year. I try to avoid the trail this time of year because of the sketters. You do not need gaiters although some sandles might be usefull for some of the muddy areas. While there are Copperheads on the trail I have yet to seen any while hiking. I have seen black snakes, small green snakes and yellow rat snakes, all harmless. The skeeters are what I worry about, not the snakes.

Check out my site www.neusioktrail.org (http://www.neusioktrail.org) for info on the trail.

06-19-2011, 19:30
No real need for gaters the trail is much more well maintained except for the middle section. It can still get boggy through there. Light long sleeve pants and a light long sleeve shirt might be recommended for mosquitos if they are bad enough that bug spray just isn't doing it for ya. Some spiderwebs may be arcoss the trail so large they may catch you for a few seconds. The spiders are relatively harmless and really cool to look at. Shelters are big enough to set up a small dome tent in case of bugs or rain. It's a beautiful trail you should have fun on it.