View Full Version : You wanna know about the snow?

06-18-2011, 18:37
Some of you have been asking about the snow conditions along the CT, trying to figure out when you might begin your hike and not be hindered by too much snow.

I took a trip to Utah in mid-May to hike some slot canyons, and visit Arches, Goblin and Zion Parks. (Entered The Wave lottery 4 times, but missed due to between 50 and 80 people, each day, for the 10 daily spots.) I decided to pull off I-70 at Copper Mt to show my darliní where the trail crosses Hwy 91, just a mile or so south of the I. The attached pic (1) was taken looking west towards the Copper Mt Golf Course. Thatís the top of the trail marker in the shadow of the pine tree...

The second pic is me standing along side the tail marker on the east side of the road. (nice hat) Itís in a bit of a protected area and also in direct sun.

So, even with a rapid snowmelt, I think itís gonna be a while for the trail to be clear, especially along the deep, dark forested sections on the north-facing slopes.

Still and all.. I wish it was me planning the hike! You're gonna love it!