View Full Version : Park/Water conditions

06-19-2011, 18:56
I know it has been really dry here in NC, I am assuming it is the same in SNP. Does anyone know how the water conditions are up there? How about the wildfires from earlier this year. Any lingering concerns stemming from that? Planning on starting a thru hike of the park with my family this week. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

06-19-2011, 23:21
We just finished our park thru hike. We only encountered remnants of the fire one day toward the end of the hike. No problems with it. We were always able to find water at the locations in the guide book but I was a little surprised how little water there was at a few locations. We had a great time except for that one day it was about 100 degrees. :) Have a great hike.