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Crazy Larry #1
06-20-2011, 12:45
The Reveren Bobby Hayes better know as The Slingshot Man whose daughter Gina owns the Appalachian Cafe in Hot Springs suffered a stroke last week and is in Memorial Hospital in Asheville, NC. I am sure some of you know him here as he has made himself known to a few hikers that have trekked thru Hot Springs like myself. If you know Bobby then keep him in your prayers, he is doing much better but still in a coma....

06-20-2011, 18:03
My thought's and prayers go out to him and his family

Crazy Larry #1
07-10-2011, 14:12
Bobby Gene Hayes stepped into Glory on June 6th. I went to his funeral yesterday in Hot Springs and it was a packed house. The funeral was not a funeral at all it was a celebration. I seen a few hikers that I knew there as well. Even dropped in on Elmer and Dan Gallagher.