View Full Version : Cascade Designs Customer Service provides a Wow! moment

06-21-2011, 18:30
I broke out my old Hubba and noted the fly and the stuff sacks were pretty sticky. So, I research it, and the consensus seems to be that the nylon is degrading and there's not much I can do. I saw suggestions that I wash it in a non-detergent soap, try to re-bond the coating with an iron, but it sounded like it was toast. So I send an email to customer service inquiring about buying a new fly. They came back a few hours later saying they had a problem with silnylon coatings and that if i didn't mind a green version, they would replace the fly and the sacks! I emailed back that it was an old tent and that I had no expectation that it was a warranty issue, and they came right back saying they understood and that I should send them in!

Wow! Responsive, responsible customer service!

Now, I haven't done this yet, and there is any number of ways this could go bad but, Wow!

(OTOH it does little to justify buying a new, lighter tent ...)

06-21-2011, 19:15
I recently sent in a neoair that was leaking from a seam. They repaired it and sent me returned the product via expedited shipping free of charge in under 10 days.

06-21-2011, 23:04
Yup, they recently replaced a 7 y.o. platypus that sprang a leak - just told me to send it to them, and soon after I got a nice new one. I told them it was old, and well used (and well loved on the AT) , they didn't care.