View Full Version : on Vacation in Denver 7/12/11 - 7/17 Good day hike for me and my dogs?

06-22-2011, 00:43
Hey guys, I will be in Colorado next month. My brother and I are driving from Illinois with our two dogs Eleanor (my yellow lab) and George (bros white husky) I'm looking for any good hiking spots that are dog friendly. I had my heart set on the CT, but if theres a more scenic/dog friendly trails I'd love to hear about them. We are spending 5 nights in (or near) Denver. We wanted to do 2-3 day hikes. I haven't had a week away from work in 5 years, I really want to see the beauty Colorado has to offer.

06-22-2011, 09:34
Any wilderness area (with the dogs on a leash per regulations of course) would be nice.

Not on the Colorado Trail, but this hike is a favorite of mine not far from Denver:

Another one not far from Denver and a little lower in elevation so you the acclimation time may not be as long:

This is not far from the CT.

Speaking of which, take a day or two to acclimate before going to the high country! :)

Picking a good backpacking trip in Colorado? So many choices..hard to know where to start! You really can't go wrong.