View Full Version : Where are the NOBO thru hikers?

06-24-2011, 18:24
I am doing a section hike next week in the central Va area, and want to bring allong some trail magic...beer and whatnot. Are most thru's past there? I'm sure it will be consumed, but being the 4th, I wanted a thru hiker to get the suds, not a day hiker. ...and I'm a wuss, I want to leave it at the trailhead where I enter. I love all of you, but I'm not lugging it all the way to a shelter:D

06-24-2011, 19:05
Most of the NOBOs should be in PA or farther north by now.

06-24-2011, 19:30
That's what I thought... How about the SOBO's?

06-24-2011, 20:00
I gave 2 NOBO guys a ride to the trail on Saturday, June 18 in Wind Gap, PA. They said there'll be a bunch coming thru soon.

06-24-2011, 21:40
I think if you figure it out a little bit mathematically, by the miles, they'd be at least in PA by now. That's the ones that are on schedule, an early schedule. They would have started by April 10-15. Many NOBOer's are probably well past that. Into CT and MA and even VT. I know some are definitely well behind that. I'm sure some are in VA right now. (I predict you'll see some thru-hikers on your trip.) The field is still wide open. When does Baxter usually close? Just in an average year? That's always a topic.

06-25-2011, 14:49
I did a section from Atkins, VA to Pearisburg two weeks ago, and there were still quite a few thru hikers then, with more behind. I am sure that there will still be some in central VA now who are late starters or who are flip-flopping. There will be a lot of section hikers, though

06-27-2011, 17:21
Yesterday afternoon I was just over the CT/MA border on Mount Race and I saw five thru's.

06-27-2011, 18:24
as baxter just opened a few weeks ago, most SOBOs are still far to the North of you.

map man
06-28-2011, 00:38
There will be a few late-season NOBO thru-hikers. Not many.

If I understand what you are saying you are planning to leave some beer and other stuff unattended at the trailhead where you start hiking so that any hikers passing by after you leave can help themselves. You say "I want to leave it at the trailhead where I enter." Please reconsider doing this. You could potentially be supplying under-age hikers with beer. Also, some of what you leave could be left behind as litter.

Or maybe you are planning to pass out the trail magic at the trailhead yourself until it is all gone and I just misunderstood.

06-28-2011, 14:25
hmmm, didn't think about the underage. Thanks Map man

06-28-2011, 20:02
My wife and I do short sections of the AT every year, almost always in August.
We've come across NOBO thru hikers, in August, as far south as mid PA.
Almost all of those people realized they were way behind the usual schedule and were planning to flip flop, or skip a section and come back later to get it.