View Full Version : Journey's End to Inn at Long Trail (Mid-July)

06-26-2011, 18:29
My husband, dogs, and I are gonna complete our thru-hike of the Long Trail this July. We completed a SOBO hike of the AT in 2007 (with only one dog then) but wanted to put out feelers to see who else might be out there. We'll be hiking from Journey's End to the Inn at Long Trail in about two weeks or so....averaging about 15 mile days...shortest about 12, longest about 20. Let us know if you'll be out there!


06-26-2011, 21:04
Lots of porkie pines in the woods up at that end of Vermont, better keep the dogs on a leash. There are also sections of the trail up there which could be very difficult for a dog to navigate. (and not exactly easy for people either!) And I hope the dog's paws are up to handling the rough, granite rock which is exposed on much the trail right from the start.

06-26-2011, 22:59
I would echo was Slo-go'en has said. The Long Trail is harder than anything along the Appalachian outside of NH/ME and many would argue it's as tough as those sections, taking a dog is a mistake in my view, simply due to the porcs and the exposed sections of slimy rock, ladders and otherwise fairly difficult terrain in general. I don't know how you are going to get a dog up or down some of those slime covered 8-12 foot ladders, do you have a plan for this?

Otherwise have a great hike, just be mindful that a 20 in central/northern Vermont might prove substantially harder than a 20 in Tennessee, but an amazing trail, enjoy it!

Papa D
06-27-2011, 08:42
Sounds nice - I did an End to End in July last year. Make sure you go for a swim at Duck Brook Shelter, catch the view at Puffer Shelter of Mt. Mansfiled - a classic - also recommend Glen Ellen Lodge. Good re-supplies SOBO (I went NB) would be Johnson and Waitsfield. P/M me if you have ques. - enjoy!

Papa D
06-27-2011, 08:47
I think if you thru-hiked, you know "what's up" and can do 15 m.p.d. on the hard sections of the LT but that mileage would be considered "big" by most .... probably equal to about 20 - 22 m.p.d. on most parts of the AT. I would also discourage the dogs - the ladders and things would be hard for them - you'd have to get them around those sections - climbing out of AP Gap would be nearly impossible for them - I'm shoure it "could" be done though. Dogs are also often sort of "unwelcome" by other hikers - I like dogs, but usually, that also includes me.

06-27-2011, 19:06
Smallish dogs are not a problem, but as others have said, there are several places that require scrambling and involve ladders. I saw a couple of guys that rigged up a harness to lift their ~40 lb dog up some of those cliffs, but you'd have a hard time with a 60 lb dog that's scared and squirming as you try to carry him.