View Full Version : Tamrac N-11 - Backpack Camera Straps

06-26-2011, 23:29
Anyone else got these? http://www.amazon.com/Tamrac-N-11-Backpack-Camera-Straps/dp/B0000AB4NV


I've tried all kinds of ways of carrying my DSLR on trips and this thing looks like the best I have ever tried. Now, I've only walked around the block with it on but it seems like a def winner. It TOTALLY takes the pressure off your neck. The camera is ready and available for quick shots. You don't have to do a thing but grab the camera and shoot....perfect amount of play. The weight on the front of your shoulders actually feels good by pulling you forward a bit. There are even quick disconnects for easy removal for tripod use. At 3.2 oz I'm very pleased. They are designed to attach to the D-rings on your shoulder strap. I found that to ride a bit low and used a couple light carabiners to attach them higher.