View Full Version : Clingmans Dome to Mount Mitchell

06-27-2011, 12:43
It looks like the Mountain to Sea Trail is incomplete now and does not connect these two points. Is that the case?

Has anyone done this hike or know if it is reasonably possible?

Tennessee Viking
06-27-2011, 14:47
Currently, the Mountains to Sea Trail is about 95% complete between Clingmans Dome and Stone Mtn State Park with only a couple small sections of roadwalk. It follows mostly the Blue Ridge Parkway and existing Pisgah Forest Trails.

The only junction of the AT and MST is a small section in between Clingmans to Mt Collins. Other than that, the MST does not re-connect with the AT.

The closest AT trailheads to Mt Mitchell are Spivey Gap and Sams Gap. Then its over a 40 mile drive in between; 30 miles to the Black Mountain Crest Trail @ Burnsville. The closest AT and MST trailheads are US 19E and Beacon Heights which are 20 miles apart. Long road walks are not usually attractive to hikers.

I have heard of people doing a hike&bike from Mt Mitchell to Roan Mountain but not Mt Rogers.

06-27-2011, 19:35
It seems it would be difficult without a lot of road walking to hike from Mitchell to the AT. Bald Mtn is only about 20 miles in a straight line, but to get there could be very difficult. A connector to the MST would be the best option, using the Black Mtn Trail somehow. A trail blazed between Mitchell and the AT would indeed become a popular hike.