View Full Version : Help with remembering a older pack accessory

2 Fingers
06-28-2011, 21:31
Hi All... 5 years ago or so I was on the Trail and saw a pack accessory and can't remember what it was called... I'd like to find one if possible... It was a triangular pouch that ran thru the lower end of the shoulder strap and the hip belt... It was open on one side and allowed ready access to whatever was carried inside... Anyone remember this piece, what it was called or who made it?

Black Sheep
06-29-2011, 00:18
Probably a Dana Designs Wet Rib (http://www.whiteblaze.net/forum/showthread.php?72282-Dana-Designs-Wet-Ribs-for-Sale-%283%29-total-in-various-conditions).

06-29-2011, 00:41
Dana made wet and dry ribs, the difference being the wet ribs had a spot for a water bottle, they also came in left and right models, as well as small and large, it was a great product...now long discontinued.

06-29-2011, 00:51
Only thing I didn't like about my 1995 Gregory was a place to hold a quick grab drink bottle, the addition on the Dana wet rib was the perfect combination. Held the bottle and a snack and map.