View Full Version : Planning a Presi traverse with hammock

06-29-2011, 05:19
Looking for opinions or suggestions for stealth camping for a planned Presi traverse this Fall. Want to do it without rushing, so planning 3 nights. I'm a hammocker, so I don't need flat campsites, just a pair of trees sturdy enough to hold my 200 lbs. I stealthed a couple years ago on the upper end of Dry River Trail, so I know most of the trees at that elevation are too weak to hold a hammock. This year's trip will be starting north, first night at or near Valley Way Tentsite. Second night I'm looking at stealthing along Sphinx trail. Third night will likely be within a mile or two of Mizpah Spring hut. So, these are my questions:

1. What is Sphinx Trail like?
2. Is water available along Sphinx Trail before going all the way down to Great Gulf Trail?
3. How far down Sphinx do I need to go for decent hammocking trees?
4. Is there water sources within a 2 miles of Mizpah (not including the Hut, itself)


06-29-2011, 20:26
We did the Sphynx trail a few years back in a bad t-storm and it went straight down following a raging stream. So water should not be an issue. There were trees once you get below treeline, but it will take you some time to get there as well as dropping elevation