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02-05-2005, 17:59
Hello all Im new to the board so let me introduce myself my name is Brian and I have just been told I am being laid off from my job as a firefighter so I figured this would be a great time to Hike the AT while looking for a job. I have always wanted to thru hike and now Im being given the chance. I figure I will collect my Unemployment from the trail and Apply for Jobs when I come to town. Now here are my 2 questions 1. How late is too late to start in GA I wont be able to start until around april 25 as my lay off date is around april 15th? 2. Is there usually internet access in the trail towns? ok one more Will there be others satring this late Idont need a partner but I do wish to experience trail life. Thanks for the help

Jack Tarlin
02-05-2005, 18:11

1. April 25th is fine; you'll be a few weeks behind the main pack, but you'll still have plenty of company, and plenty of time to thru-hike.

2. Most larger Trail towns have some sort of Internet access, usually in public libraries. Also, some of the larger hiker facilities (known as "hiker hostels") also have computers you can use. It'd be rare to go more than 2 weeks without finding a machine you can easily use.

02-05-2005, 18:36
I will be departing April 25th hope to see you out there!

02-05-2005, 19:04
You might want to look up some past journals on trailjournals to get a feel for how it went for those that started in late April. As Baltimore Jack said, you should be fine.

I used the internet mostly at libraries in Franklin, Fontana Dam (cost$$ at Inn), Hot Springs, Erwin, Damascas, Pearisberg (motel's), Waynesboro, Front Royal, Harpers Ferry, Vernon (Church Hostel), Fort Montgomery, Bennington, Hanover, Lincoln, Gorham, Andover (The Cabin Hostel), Strattin and Monson. All had differnet policies on the time allowed...friendliest were in the south...some up north limited you to 20 minutes. Best one was the library in Erwin (Stay at Miss Janets and its just down around the corner downtown).