View Full Version : ATT's Motorola Atrix- 4G Getting information while on "A" trail. Need Help on Apps!

Wise Old Owl
07-05-2011, 12:28
Well the ol' Nokia was biting the dust and I read an article from PC World about which smart phone was the best offering from each supplier. For you folks down south on Verizon the HTC Thunderbolt was the highest recommended. But For me it was the Atrix. Now I have been on a learning curve the last couple of days using this phone, and the battery power and saver is adaquate. I will have the solar panel adjusted by next week to run the new power cord. It charges in three hours and delivers a day and a half of service.What sets a smart phone apart is the combination of phone, text, maps, gps, camera & internet access on a slim lightweight 5 oz package. Although I havent looked there appears to be a voice recognition package that might run a journal or note saver. The best part is I can get clear moving graphics of the weather both national and local to my posistion in just a few seconds. If anyone here knows of good apps to have installed please let know.

07-05-2011, 12:45
It is interesting you mention this phone today as I have been looking at buying it for the past week. The first thing I thought of was a voice recorder app as well. I used a friends phone and found a pretty cool. Go to androidmarket.com and search for voice recorder. There is an app where you can record voice and then it will send the audio file to a gmail account. It works good...so good that I may have to buy this phone :-)

Wise Old Owl
07-05-2011, 16:26
The google map caught my eye as the towers - not gps will save battery power and point out where you are. you can flip the gps on to increase accuracy when the towers are not available. It would be neat to store the Google Topo in there too.

07-05-2011, 23:55
I have Gaia GPS on my Droid X, which is basically a GPS program that straight up uses USGS maps rather than converted maps. Not sure what else you're looking for, hiking wise. Maybe PicSay Pro for light photo editing?

Also, the Atrix isn't "4G" by any stretch of the imagination. :p