View Full Version : ***Safety of long-term parked cars***

07-06-2011, 00:25
My buddy and I are hiking north from Durango and want to park a car on a Forest SErvice road next to the CT.

1. Will the USFS roads be open??? (or gated)
2. If open will a car parked off on the berm be "legal"?
3. How safe will the vehicle be from thieves?

We'll put resupply food in bear cans that are duct taped on the lid's seal to help cut down on odors escaping. Hopefully bears on the CT are decently fed on Nature's bounty.

07-06-2011, 19:41
Which FS road? It all depends. Some are busier than others. Some will be gated. Some not.

Your best bet IMO is to call the Forest Service office directly of where the car is going be parked. The local USFS office can give the most accurate info for the trailhead/road in question. If anything else, letting them know ahead of time will keep them from wondering about what there is a car parked on a road for two weeks. :)

On Track
07-06-2011, 23:01
Agree...the FS office 'local' to the road is a good resource. Here's the CTF site page where each Segment is listed along with the FS office(s) 'local' to that Segment plus phone number(s):