View Full Version : backpack removeable aluminum stays. yes or no??

07-10-2011, 13:41
I have an Outdoor Research backpack that I bought used from someone on one of the hiking lists. It measures about 21x11x8 and looks most like this current model http://www.outdoorproducts.com/Products/skyline/124

Previously, I have used DIY gearskin clones.and wanted to see how the suspensions compared.

The big difference is in the belt, which is really superior to my homemade versions. Seeing their design, I'm going to go back to a DIY gearskin clone with hipbelt 3.0 incorporated,(but I digress).

Today's question is about the two vertical aluminum stays that the pack has. I took them out and they weigh 8 oz. So, today I tried hiking without them and didn't notice a lot of downside. are these stays primarily for a more heavily loaded pack??

My pack weighs about 25 lbs with 12 pounds of consumables and kitchen stuff.

Am I going to be sorry I left them home after three or four days? Thanks for your thoughts and comments