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07-11-2011, 20:57
A forum members sent me a message asking some of the most commonly asked for questions about the Moment, including a couple that I meant to post about here but forgot all about it.
Here we go :
Can you leave the liner attached ?
Can you remove the end struts ?
Yes, if you must..
There is a slit at the bottom of the sleeve. This operation will probably be a bit fiddly with cold fingers or with gloves on but if you really like the idea you could easily have a longer slit and then maybe secure that with some Velcro.
I am 6' high , will I fit in ?
Yes, even on top of a 3" thick mat.
Here are some shots of a 6' sleeping bag on top of a 6' , 6' Exped 7. At the foot end there is about another 9" of space.
A large rectangular mat like the Neo Air 77"x25" mat will have the corners at one end over the edge of the floor.
So not ideal but it may do depending on personal taste...
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07-12-2011, 11:30
Franco - this is really useful information. A picture is worth a thousand words....or useless dribble on my part. I think it would be great if Henry would allow this information on his website! Do I need to talk to him for you....?

07-12-2011, 14:40
Thanks Franco, that is a big help to me and hopefully others

07-12-2011, 19:03
Don't bother Henry , I think he is busy fine tuning his golf skills so that he can turn professional next year.
I am afraid that the Moment maybe the last TT shelter we see.